Commercial Engineering Projects

FEG is capable of handling different types of civil engineering projects in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. The projects we’ve worked on over the years include commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional, and residential sites. Browse this page to see details of the commercial engineering projects we have worked on in the past.

Veranda Park

Project Description

Veranda Park is a 1.6 million square foot multi‐phase, mixed-use lifestyle center consisting of 400,000 square feet of Class-A office, 500 luxury residential condominium units, 300,000 square feet of specialty retail and restaurants, a 14- to 20-screen movie theater, a 150-room luxury hotel, and an outdoor amphitheater on a 30‐acre site located in the MetroWest area of the City of Orlando, FL.

Veranda Park


  • Master Plan Preparation & Permitting Through the City of Orlando & South Florida Water Management District
  • Mass Grading Plan Design & Permitting Through the City of Orlando & South Florida Water Management District
  • Master Planning of Site Infrastructure & Utilities, including Drainage, Water, Sewer, Electrical, Telephone, & Gas
  • Re‐Routing of a Primary Electrical Feed for MetroWest around the Project Site
  • Design & Permitting of Five Phases of Construction Consisting of Seven Multi‐Story Buildings
  • Design & Permitting of Five Streets Consisting of Plaza Grande Avenue, Via Livorno Avenue, Via Venzano Avenue, Via Arezzo Avenue, & Via Lago Lane (Some Streets Included Parallel Parking)
  • Design, Permitting, & Construction Administration Related to Removal of Existing Asphalt Pavement & Brick Resurfacing of an Existing City of Orlando Street (Westpointe Boulevard)
  • Reclamation of an Old Disposal Site into Floodplain Compensation & Open Space Areas
  • Design of Site Facilities & Utilities Associated with the “Quattro Cavalli” Statue Fountain on Westpointe Boulevard
  • Platting of Various Parcels
  • Construction Administration of Four Phases of Construction
  • Extensive Coordination with Owner Representatives, Governmental Agencies, Legal Counsels, Architects, Surveyors, Consultants, & Contractors
  • Coordination with Utility Companies, Including Orlando Utilities Commission for Electric & Water, City of Orlando Wastewater Bureau for Sewer, Bellsouth for Telephone, & Florida Public Utility for Gas

Plaza Collina – Shopping Center

Project Description

Plaza Collina is a 142‐acre mixed-use development of regional impact. The project is located in the unincorporated area of Lake County, FL. The project design entailed mass grading of the entire site and establishing two main master stormwater management systems. Our design responsibilities included utilities, on‐site and off‐site roadway systems, preparation of construction plans, and coordination with sub‐consultants.

Plaza Collina - Shopping Center
Shopping Center - Plaza Collina
Elements of Design

  • Preparation of a Mass Grading Plan for the Site, Which Varied From a High Elevation of 170 Feet to a Low Elevation of 80 Feet (The challenging topography required various solutions, which included a series of retaining walls to allow for proper site grading.)
  • Designing Two Master Stormwater Ponds with Over 10 Acres in Combined Size to Handle the Stormwater Runoff from the Project Site (In addition to routine water quality and quantity design requirements, the ponds were also designed to reduce the phosphorous loading from the proposed development since the project ultimately discharged into Lake Apopka, which is an impaired water body.)

  • Preparing a Site Plan for a 900,000 Square Foot Mixed-Use Retail/Office Commercial Development with Pedestrian Access Meeting ADA Requirements, Two Bus Stops, & One Super Bus Stop for Lynx
  • Infrastructure Design, Which Included the Design of a 1.5 Mile Off-Site 16‐Inch Water Main along a Lake County Trail System from CR 455 to the Project Site (This line was part of a master plan by the City of Clermont to provide a reliable distribution network in the service area, which includes the project site. A master water hydraulic model was prepared and submitted to the City of Clermont as part of this design. Also, a portion of the trail system was redesigned, and close coordination was carried out with Lake County and the City of Clermont.)
  • Design of Over 1.2 Miles of Internal Roadways to Provide Proper Connectivity to Different Parcels within the Project
  • Design & Modeling of Three Major Lift Stations to Manifold into a Single 8‐Inch Force Main That Discharges into the City of Clermont’s Public Sanitary Sewer System
  • Permitting of the Project Through Lake County, the St. Johns River Water Management District, the City of Clermont, the Florida Department of Transportation, & the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Ravallo Resort

Project Description

The Ravallo Resort & Conference Center is a multi‐phase 1,150 room full-service hotel resort on a 26.3-acre site located in the Buena Vista area of Orange County, FL. The project is registered with the U.S. Green Building Council and is being designed to meet Platinum LEED Certification.


As part of the site design for the project, several innovative solutions are being implemented to reuse stormwater runoff and grey water discharge from the building fixtures and laundry facilities for landscape irrigation of a proposed green roof and on‐site landscape areas and for a water source for cooling towers. The project will result in a significant reduction in water consumption with all the water needed for irrigation being provided from stormwater runoff and grey water and the majority of water needed for the cooling towers being provided from stormwater runoff and grey water with augmentation from municipal reclaimed water as needed. As a result, the project will significantly reduce wastewater and stormwater discharges. The reduction in water consumption and wastewater discharge will result in significant cost savings relative to long-term operation and initial water and wastewater capital charges.

Revallo Resort

  • Securing Entitlements, including Review of Vested Rights Certificates & Amendment of Two Planned Developments (Sunterra Resorts & Buena Vista Park) to Combine Them Into a Single-Planned Development (This work included extensive coordination with county staff, client’s legal counsel, and attendance of Development Review Committee meetings.)
  • Preparation & Processing of Right‐of‐Way Vacate Requests for Several County Road Right‐of‐Way’s (Not Open) & One Existing (Open) County Road Right‐of‐Way within the Project Site
  • Negotiations with Orange County for Dedication of Additional Road Right‐of‐Way along Lake Street, including Attendance of Meetings with the Roadway Agreement Committee & Technical Review of a Roadway Agreement
  • Master Planning & Preparation of a Development Plan & Civil Engineering Documents for Phase I
  • Permitting Work Related to Phase I & Coordination with Owner Representatives, Governmental Agencies, Legal Counsel, Architects, Surveyors, Other Consultants, & Contractors

Waterford Lakes Office Park, PD

Project Description

The Waterford Lakes Office Park, PD is a 120,000 S.F. office development on a 10.3-acre site located in east Orange County, FL. The project involved off-site utility extensions, off-site turn lane improvements, extensive drainage improvements, a phasing plan for three phases of construction, and platting and design work for a medical building out parcel.

Waterford Lakes Office Park, PD

  • Securing Entitlements & Amendment of Two Planned Developments (Waterford Lakes PD & Waterford Lakes Office Park PD) to Combine Them into a Single-Planned Development (This Work Included Extensive Coordination with County Staff, Client’s Legal Counsel, & Attendance of Development Review Committee Meetings & Public Hearings)
  • Master Planning & Preparation of a Development Plan
  • Preparation of All Civil Engineering Construction Documents for All Phases of the Project
  • Preparation of Landscape & Irrigation Plans
  • Coordination with Owner Representatives, Governmental Agencies, Legal Counsel, Architects, Surveyors, Other Consultants, & Contractors
  • Permitting of the Site Improvements Through Orange County, St. Johns River Water Management District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, & Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Construction Administration, including Site Inspections, As-Built Preparation, & As-Built Certifications

Palms at Lake Underhill

Project Description

The Palms at Lake Underhill is a 36-acre planned mixed-use development in east Orange County, FL, consisting of 28,500 S.F. of retail and 85,500 S.F. of medical office, professional office, and assisted living facility. A substantial portion of the site consisted of local, state, and federal jurisdictional wetlands.

Palms at Lake Underhill

  • Future Land Use Amendment & Rezoning of the Site from Residential to Planned Development (PD)
  • Coordination of Permitting of Several Acres of Class I Wetlands Through Orange County, Which Entailed a Comprehensive Approach to Assessing Impacts & Preservation of Conservation Areas to Ensure an Environmentally Conscious Development while Achieving the Development Objectives of the Project
  • Coordination with Owner, Governmental Agencies, Architects, Surveyors, Legal Counsel, & Other Consultants
  • Permitting Through Orange County & U.S. Army Corps of Engineers & Coordination with St. Johns River Water Management District & Florida Department of Environmental Protection